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Mobile left-luggage and bag transfer in Madrid

Mobile left-luggage and bag transfer in Madrid – Hotel

You can choose your Hotel to drop off or pick up your bags at the Reception; and then choose one of our Keepers to drop off or pick up your bags at. We have more than 30 Keepers in Madrid city center or at the airport.
Keepiz has created the first mobile left-luggage service in Madrid so that you can leave your luggage at one drop off center, and pick it up at another pick up center. You can for example drop your bags in the city center, and pick them up directly at the airport. We take care of the transfer from one Keeper to the other while you enjoy your freedom. This service is also very useful for long term left-luggage needs: we pick your bags up, we store them at our office, and we deliver them back to your pick-up Keeper for the day and time that you have chosen.

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This service is only available if you are a client of the Hotel. If you are not, you can use our network of more than 30 Keepers in the city as drop off and pick up spots.
If you are a client of the Hotel, what order would you like to do:
tip Do you want to drop it and pick it up at the same place?
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For a “local left-luggage” service, you first need to choose the number of bags that you want to store, your drop-off time and your pick-up time. Once you have filed up your order details, you can now choose your Keeper (left-luggage partner) by clicking on any of the red flags that shows up on the map. Grey flags are for Keepers that are either closed at your drop off or pick up time, or either full. Every Keeper has its own opening hours and you can check it on their Keeper profile.

For a “mobile left-luggage” service, the process is very similar but you have to select a Keeper A for the drop-off, and a Keeper B for the pick-up. Both drop-off and pick-up Keepers can be the same in the case of a long term left-luggage service for example. Once you have completed the order, one of our delivery team will immediately go to your drop-off Keeper, pick the bags and store them at our facilities, and then take them back to your pick-up Keeper a couple of hours before your pick-up time (so that you will be able to pick your bags up even if you come earlier than expected). If you want to store your bags for several days/weeks, we will store them at our logistic headquarter for only 1€ per day and per bag.

With our “mobile left-luggage” service, you can drop your bags at the Madrid Airport official left-luggage facilities, and pick them up in any of our Keepers in the city center. You can also decide to use the service the other way so that you can drop your bags in the city center and pick them up at the Airport official left-luggage facilities, operated by our partner “Excess Baggage Company”. If you need us to store your bags for several days/weeks before you go to pick them up, we will store them in our logistic headquarter in Madrid for only 1€ per day and per bag.

Not necessarily. As you know, one of our service is the “Mobile left-luggage” service, where you can drop your bags at a Keeper A, and pick them up at another Keeper B later on.

For example, you can drop your bags in one of our Keepers in Madrid city center, and then pick them up directly at the Airport official left luggage facilities. We take care of the transfer and you won’t have to worry about your bags during the whole day. Enjoy your freedom!

Safety is our number one priority, both for our users and for our Keepers. We work with AXA to offer the best insurance to our users and we carefully select the Keepers that can work with us by evaluating if their profile matches our security standards: area under surveillance and alarm, warehouse closed to the public, specific area dedicated to the luggage storage activity, etc. We also analyze carefully all the feedback that we constantly receive from our users and we take immediate actions if there is any issue with the service that brings one of our existing Keepers.

Every bag is identified with a Keepiz label and all the details of its order: client name, booking reference, total amount of bags in this order, scheduled drop-off and pick-up time, etc. When picking up your bags, your Keeper will ask you for your booking reference and an ID.

Please note that your Keeper has the right to kindly ask you to show him your bag and what is in it, to make sure that it matches with our terms & conditions and that there is nothing potentially dangerous or illegal.

We have very easy and transparent prices, specifically set to be flexible and more economic than traditional lockers in airports or train stations for example. Our prices are all taxes and insurance included.

Local left luggage

from 1 to 3 bags


from 4 to 6 bags


from 7 bags

price per bag and max. 8 days

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Mobile left luggage

Service price

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Extra bag


Extra day


Ayuda Keepiz

We are flexible: for your small items, if they can fit in one hand without any problem, they would count as one single item.

Yes, just before confirming your order, you can put the complete name of the pick-up contact. Your Keeper will ask him for an ID and for the booking reference of your order, that you will have to send him once you have completed your order. It is a perfect service to drop your flat keys for a friend, or to pick-up your Airbnb keys.

Yes, you will always be able to cancel your order from our webpage or our app. You have up to 2 hours after the scheduled drop-off time of your order to cancel it and get a full refund. If you cancel your order after more than 2 hours after your scheduled drop-off order, the payment will have been confirmed and we will not be able to refund your order. For any question or assistance, contact with our team by mail or by phone and we will always be happy to help.

If your Keeper cancels your order, you will be immediately refund too, and you will be able to make another order with another Keeper right after that.

We have more than 40 baggage storage options in Madrid, and you can mainly find them near: But we are also available in other áreas than Madrid city center, so that you can store your bags at:

Yes, we have several Keepers next to Atocha Train Station (Madrid principal train station). You can drop your bags there and enjoy the city without worrying about carrying your luggage or queue during a long time for a luggage locker service. With Keepiz left-luggage service, you can drop your bags without any queue and without any size or weight restrictions.

We are covering all Madrid city center and you will always find a Keeper nearby to drop your bags. You will find a Keeper next to all of Madrid principal Metro stations: And much more...