Keepiz is a platform that aims to revolutionize the concept of “left luggage” to suit our times, our lifestyle and our needs.
Keepiz offers 2 services to its users:
- The Local Left Luggage allows you to book a Keeper (a shop, a hotel, a bar etc.) near you or just right in the place where you actually need it. You can go there and leave your bags safe during the time you need, before coming back to this Keeper to pick them up.
- The Mobile Left Luggage enables you to drop your bags in a Keeper A (e.g. in the city center) and then pick them up at a Keeper B of your choice: airport, train station, hotel, near your home or workplace etc. We personally take care of the delivery from Keeper A to Keeper B.

Start using Keepiz and you will discover how it can change your life in many ways: enjoy your last day on vacation without luggage, go to this dinner and after party without having to carry with the new pair of shoes that you just bought this afternoon, let a friend or a tenant to pick your keys from a Keeper etc.

Nube Keepiz

Local left luggage

Choose the nearest Keeper and drop your luggage, shopping bags, stroller or whatever you want during the time that you need.

Consigna Barrio Keepiz

Nube Keepiz

Mobile left luggage

We pick up your bags from a Keeper A, e.g. in the city center, and deliver them to the Keeper B of your choice: airport, train station, next to your home or work place etc.

Consigna Móvil Barrio

A Keeper is a merchant that has an available space for a Keepiz left luggage. It can be a shop, a bar, a hotel, a tourist office, etc. The important thing is to have a safe space to store our user’s bags, some wide business opening hours, an easy accessibility, a complete contact information and to be willing to help you enjoying freedom!
Let’s meet them and you will see all they can additionally offer you: tourism tips, charge your phone, wifi access, gift and souvenirs ideas, special promotions etc.
It is very easy and you can book a left luggage in just a few clicks through our website or our App for iPhone and Android.
Then you will have to choose and book your Keeper. You will only have to fill the number of bags you want to drop and the wished date and time of dropping and picking up. Once completed this information, you can view all available Keepers who are near you or near the address you have searched for. Clicking on a Keeper will show you his complete profile with information on the type of business it is, opening hours, contact details, specific offers or services for Keepiz users, reviews from other users etc. If he is the Keeper you were looking for, you can now book his left luggage service!
Now you just need to confirm the reservation and by paying through MangoPay, our online payment specialist and partner that allows us to ensure a completely secure and fast payment experience.
You will then have access to the summary of your order, your booking number, your Keeper profile and contact data etc. If you choose someone else than yourself to pick your bags up, don’t forget to give him your booking number: he will be asked for it by the Keeper, along with an identity document.
Our rates are very simple and designed to perfectly suit your needs. All rates include taxes, insurance and commissions: what you see is what you pay, there will be no surprises!

Local left luggage

from 1 to 3 bags


from 4 to 6 bags


from 7 bags

price per bag and max. 8 days

{$ getPriceType(PRICE_TYPES.NEIGH_FROM_SEVEN) $}€/day

Mobile left luggage

Service price

for the 1st bag


Extra bag


Extra day


A suitcase, your shopping bags, a skateboard, a stroller, a motorcycle helmet ... The great advantage of Keepiz is that we are flexible and can accept almost any kind of things. There is no need for them to enter within a specific locker dimension: if you bring skis, there will be no problem! Obviously, we have to forbid illegal items, dangerous objects or living beings. If the size or weight of your package are very unusual, please first contact the Keeper of your choice to confirm that he can take care of it before booking. If in doubt, you can read our terms and conditions.
Yes madam/sir! We are an on-demand service and you will be able to book a Keeper instantly. It is the magic of Keepiz ;)
You can also book your Keeper up to 1 month in advance.
We have no minimum time, although our first price rate goes from 0 to 4 hours of left luggage service (for 4 €). If you want to pick up before, there is no problem.
For the Mobile Left Luggage solution, you will have to give us at least 4 hours between your time of delivery at Keeper A and your pick up time at Keeper B.
The maximum time you can let a package at a Keeper is 8 days after the day you delivered it. For now, we are not a long time o big furniture storage solution... for now ;)
Did we already tell you that we are flexible? If you have several bags but are of very small dimensions, they can count as one single package.
For example: two shopping bags from your purchase at Zara would count as one single package. It would be the same for two “clutch” kind of small bags.
If they fit in one hand without any trouble, they count as one single package.
Now, even with a very strong Keeper with a really big hand, two suitcases would always be two packages ;)
Yes! When booking your Keeper, you can indicate the name and surname of the person who will pick up your package if you are not going to do it yourself. You will have to give him the booking number that Keepiz assigns you.
When picking it up, the Keeper will ask him for an ID and the Keepiz booking number. It is a perfect option to leave a set of keys for a friend or guest, deliver a package, etc.
As a flexible company (okay, we are a little bit annoying by always repeating it...) we give you up to 30 minutes of extra time to pick up your package. After this margin, the Keeper can charge you with the next price package of our price rates. But beware of the Keeper opening hours; if you arrive when it is already closed, you will have to come back the next day. If you are in troubles, don’t worry, there is always a solution. Contact us and we will do everything possible to help you.
And if you have to pick up your bags before the set time, there will be no problem (as long as the Keeper is open obviously). But keep in mind that we will not be able to change your order and you will have to pay for what you had initially booked.
Yes, you can always cancel an order from our website or App. If you cancel your order within 2 hours after the delivery time of your order, you will be fully refunded.If you cancel later, the payment will already be issued and we would not be able to refund it.
If it is the Keeper who canceled your booking, you will be fully refunded and be able to choose another Keeper nearby.
Absolutely: the safety of your belongings will always be our priority! Our Keepers are selected and they have to respect several standards such as having a storage space specifically dedicated to Keepiz left lugage service with a secure and restricted access. In addition, our Keepers have to respect our conditions of use to ensure a good and safe storage of your package: clean space, no stacked packages, no forced package to fit in a confined space etc. If a Keeper does not respect these rules, he will be exclude from Keepiz.
Each package is clearly identified by a Keepiz tag with the name and surname of the person who booked the service, the name and surname of the person who will pick it up (only if different from the booking one) and the Keepiz booking number of your order. You can only pick up your packages by showing an ID and your booking number.
The Keeper has the right to ask to check a package to ensure that the content is not illegal, or dangerous, or contrary to the conditions of Keepiz.
For more information and recommendations you can read our terms and conditions.