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Why being a Keeper?

Ser KeeperBecause it is free and easy

Keepiz will always be free for our Keepers. By registering, you will receive a best practices guide to fully enjoy Keepiz advantages and everything you need to start working as a left luggage solution: window stickers, luggage tags, flyers, etc.

Ser KeeperBecause it generates the most valuable thing you could ask for: traffic for your business!

Keepiz users could spend money in your shop ... we encourage you to create specific promotions for your Keepiz customers and increase your sales! You can manage all that and much more from your Keeper profile.

Ser KeeperBecause it will help you earn some extra money and monetize your empty storage place.

In addition to what our users could spent in your business, you will earn commissions for every left luggage service that you will do with Keepiz. For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions for Keepers.

Ser KeeperBecause it is a flexible and secure solution for any warehouse size!

Keepiz let you define and limit your storage space available to "X" package. And you will not receive more packages than indicated in your profile. In addition, our Terms and Conditions will protect you from any package that may contain any illegal, dangerous or valuable materials (all explicitly prohibited). You can also ask our users to register their bags before accepting them and you will be able to cancel any order that does not respect Keepiz rules.